In this report, Spare Labs documents the development of a demand
responsive transport cost and demand prognostication model for public use.

It is outlined how Spare Labs developed a bespoke demand prognostication
model for demand-responsive transportation (DRT), as part of the RESPONSE project. The
report includes details on the methodology for how the model was developed, instruction
material for using the model, training of selected participants in a workshop and
one-to-one settings, and the testing and refinement of the model.

Spare Realize is a fundamentally new way of planning and optimizing transportation
networks. At its core, it is a transportation network simulation tool that can be used to run
quick and informative transit simulations during the planning and operational stages of a
transportation service.

Read the report here.

Find the Demand Prognostication and Impact Tool here.

Presentation "Cost and demand prognostication tool for demand responsive transportation" by Jerome Mayaud (Spare Labs) is available here