DRT communication needs - stakeholder survey results

Demand-responsive transport of DRT is a relatively new concept. Yet it has the potential to bring many benefits to the transport sector, especially to vulnerable customers. By accommodating the needs of travellers (letting them choose the time and route of their journey) and rethinking how public transport can be organised in especially sparsely populated rural regions, DRT has what it takes to ceate a win-win situation for all parties.

We, the team behind RESPONSE, wanted to know what materials our stakeholders would appreciate to introduce the concept of DRT and its possibilities, to their audience. So we went and asked them. We created an online suvey about DRT communciation needs and formats which was answered by public authorities in Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Browse the survey results to see what we found!


DRT solutions and the flexibility they offer can be especially appreciated by vulnerable travel groups. Photo: Getty Images

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