New report providing insights about creating and running pilots of demand responsive transportation (DRT) services

New research paper by RESPONSE project partner and  Norwegian transportation company Ruter is providing an understanding of how to innovate and create new on-demand transportation services.  
It presents the different steps in an innovation process and addresses the importance of taking external factors into consideration. The objective of this paper is to provide and share insight from creating and running pilots of demand responsive transportation (DRT) services in Ruter.

The paper is useful for regional and local public authorities that are responsible for the creation and organization of new publicly funded on-demand transportation services. It provides transnational experience on how to involve the citizens in innovation processes for design, prototyping and testing of new, customer-oriented services. This insight can be used in the development of new demand-responsive public transportation services.

The research paper starts with a short introduction to the project, followed by information about the pilots, and continues with an explanation of external factors that need to be taken into consideration. Further on, a detailed description of the innovation process  is documented, including some examples from ongoing pilots in Ruter.

Find the report HERE.

Photo: Alain Duss / Unsplash

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